Shocking! 19-Year-Old Forced To Drink Phenyl, Battles For Life

| } June 22 , 2016 , 19:05 IST
RaggingIn a shocking incident in Kozhikode, Kerala, a 19-year-old nursing student is battling for life after her seniors forced her to drink phenyl, as part of a brutal hazing tradition “ragging”. According to reports, the incident occurred two weeks, in the hostel of Al Qamar College of Nursing in Gulbarga. The girl is admitted to the government medical college hospital in Kozhikode. According to doctors, the phenyl has burnt her food pipe and damaged the internal organs. Hindustan Times quotes a doctor stating "she needed emergency surgery but it has to be postponed for six weeks since her internal organs were damaged. “It is too dangerous to conduct a surgery now.” The girl is reported to have joined the college just four months ago with an education loan as her family can't afford her educational expenses.