Ban On Diesel Taxis To Stay, Delhi Govt Gets Two Days Time By SC To Submit Detailed Plan

| } May 3 , 2016 , 14:51 IST
Supreme Court on Tuesday granted two days time to Delhi government to submit a detailed plan regarding phasing out of the diesel taxis. diesel cars pollution The court ordered to give roadmap on how the government plans to phase out diesel taxis and the conversion of taxis to CNG. Scores of drivers of diesel taxis blocked three major roads here on Tuesday, causing major traffic jams which police said abated after some demonstrators were detained and others dispersed. Dozens of drivers protesting against a Supreme Court ban on diesel and petrol driven cabs parked their taxis on the Mahipalpur flyover leading to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, on another key road that links Delhi with Noida in Uttar Pradesh and in a south Delhi area that is linked to Gurgaon in Haryana.