RSS Is A Threat To The Country's Secular Fabric, Says Azad

| } June 6 , 2016 , 10:27 IST
gulam nabi azadALeader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Gulam Nabi Azad termed policies of the RSS a "threat to the secular fabric" of the country while accusing the BJP-led central government of dancing to the right-wing organisation's tune. "The policies of the RSS are a threat to the secular fabric of the nation and the principle of unity and diversity, which is the basis of the strength of our pluralistic society. The central government is dancing to the tune of RSS," Azad said addressing a public meeting at Kupwara in north Kashmir. The Congress leader said his party would defeat the "communal and divisive forces" who were posing a threat to the country's peace and unity. "It is the commitment of Congress party to strengthen secularism and to defeat the communal and divisive forces in the country who are posing a threat to peace, harmony, unity and integrity of the nation," he said. Azad said deliberate attempts were being made to "instigate" trouble and "vitiate" the atmosphere of religious harmony in the state and in the country. "Incidents at Muzaffarnagar, Udhampur and Dadri were most unfortunate. They were deliberate attempts to instigate trouble and vitiate the atmosphere of religious harmony and brotherhood in the country and the state. "I caution the people of the state against the communal and divisive forces and ask them to defeat such nefarious designs in order to maintain the unity and integrity of the state," he said and made an appeal to the people to strengthen religious harmony to bring peace for development and overall progress. The Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha accused the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for "disrespecting" the people's mandate. "PDP has been disrespecting the mandate of the people, as it got votes on the promise to checkmate BJP and keep it out of power in order to safeguard the special status of the State. "But the PDP surrendered its political and ideological stand for the sake of power and thus hoodwink the electorate during elections on false promises. There is nothing common between the two coalition partners except that they share power," he said. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook