Parliament Live: GST Amendment Bill Passed In Rajya Sabha

| } August 3 , 2016 , 11:35 IST
[caption id="attachment_184047" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Parliament Live Congress said on Tuesday that government had reached out to it over pending bills including Goods and Services Tax and the party will take a view after hearing the proposals on its demands.[/caption] The NDA government is all set to push the Constitution Amendment Bill in the Rajya Sabha for roll-out of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on Wednesday. ALSO READ: GST Bill In Rajya Sabha Today. Big Changes That Government Accepted Here are the Parliament proceedings for the day. ALSO READ: All You Need To Know About GST Bill Latest updates: Amendment Bill passed in Rajya Sabha. - The Govt needs to assure us that this bill will be a finance bill, not a money bill: GN Azad in RS -  Amendments on Bill put to vote in Rajya Sabha - Will fully comply with the Constitution, no intention to bypassing the Constitutions provisions: Arun Jaitley in RS - I request Arun Jaitely to bring CGST and IGST bill as a financial bill, and not as a money bill: PChidambaram in RS - AIADMK walks out of Rajya Sabha during discussion on - The states wont be giving up their power, you will part of the exercise of the power: Arun Jaitley in RS - State law itself can give a devolution in favor of local municipalities, so solution within framework of is workable-Arun Jaitley in RS - If we put Congress's version of on the table today, not one state would be in the position to sign it off: Arun Jaitley in RS - In the GST system you cant have the same assessee being assessed by Govt and the State: Arun Jaitley in RS - I think to implement the GST is a headache, to be a former Finance Minister is a luxury now: Arun Jaitley in RS - We will try for the most reasonable rate for : Arun Jaitley in RS - CEAs report is based on 2013-14, report does not say 18%; we gave a band of 17 to 19%.It's good if we maintain 18%: AJaitley in RS - With GST system will become more efficient, there will be no tax on tax, evasion will become more difficult : Arun Jaitley in RS on - There will be tax on tax in : Arun Jaitley in RS - Discussions with Congress have only benefited the process of passage of : Anand Sharma in RS - We were not opposing GST on political grounds, we wanted but we wanted our concerns to be addressed: Anand Sharma in RS - Tax rate of this importance must only be changed with the approval of the Parliament: P Chidambaram in Rajya Sabha - Standard rate must be 18% which will make non-inflationary & acceptable to public: P Chidambaram in Rajya Sabha - The heart of the bill is what will the rate of tax be? We must remember that we are dealing with indirect tax: P Chidambaram in RS - Also the mechanism should also include disputes arising otherwise than out of the recommendations made by GST Council: P Chidambaram in RS - Not a matter between Union Finance Minister & state FMs, it concerns people of the country also: P Chidambaram - If you give some states power to impose 1% additional tax, it would have led to multiplicity of taxes: P Chidambaram in RS - One of issue was how can you, in destination based tax have provision like some states being allowed to impose add. 1 % tax?: P Chidambaram - I’m glad FM acknowledged that it was UPA Govt that first officially announce Govt’s intention to bring about : P Chidambaram in RS - In last 18 months Govt tried to pass without support of principal opposition & I'm glad you also failed: P Chidambaram in RS - There were too many flaws in the bill, which could be fixed and hence we didn't support the bill: P Chidambaram, Cong in RS - We tried to pass bill with support of principal opposition party but we failed: Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram in Rajya Sabha - Let me make it clear, Congress was never opposed to the idea of GST: P Chidambaram in RS - Tone and approach has changed over the last 3-4 weeks and that augers well for this bill: Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram in RS - I welcome friendly & conciliatory tone of Finance Minister's speech-Former Finance Minister P Chidambaram in RS #GST - With a uniform tax rate,bring about seamless transfer of goods and services across country, enable us to check evasion: FM in RS - Merits of the system itself are that it would convert India into one uniform economic market..cntd: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in RS - There has been major consensus building that has taken place,extremely thankful to all opp parties especially GN Azad, LoP- FM Jaitley in RS - GST Bill is the most reformative tax reform, says FM Arun Jaitley in Rajya Sabha - LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan advises MP #BhagwantMann to not attend Parliament proceedings until a decision is taken - LS Speaker Sumitra Mahajan grants extension of 2 weeks to 9-member committee constituted to probe Bhagwant Mann's security breach video - Centre stands with Maharashtra Govt in this hour of crisis and assures all possible help: HM Rajnath Singh in LS -Party's stand is clear,how will you compensate loss that will be caused to BMC through #GST? Sanjay Raut, Shiv Sena - MPs speak in Lok Sabha amid sloganeering from Andhra Pradesh MPs saying, "We demand special status. We want justice." - There should be no politics over crimes against women. If house wants a discussion on it then we are ready:MA Naqvi - Ruckus in Rajya Sabha. Jaya Bachchan, SP, Uttar Pradesh raises the same issue, along with various MPs. "We've been asking for many days to discuss this issue. We do not want any politicising in this regard." - Why is the central Govt quiet over recent crime incidents against women in UP? Are they in collusion with SP?: Mayawati in Rajya Sabha - Rajya Sabha proceedings begin for the day.