Parliament Day 8: Will Modi Speak In Rajya Sabha?

| } November 25 , 2016 , 08:56 IST
[caption id="attachment_236613" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Parliament Day 8: Will Modi Speak In Parliament? Parliament Day 8: Will Modi Speak In Parliament?[/caption] After repeated demands for Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend Parliament to debate over demonetisation, PM Modi made an appearance in Rajya Sabha on the 7th day of Winter Parliament, but not how the opposition expected. In Rajya Sabha ex-PM Manmohan Singh and others spoke before the House was adjourned for lunch and PM Modi was expected to speak after the lunch adjournment. In a big surprise move, PM Modi left Parliament before it resumed at 2 PM without speaking in Rajya Sabha. PM Modi's sudden departure caused great furore and the House was adjouned. ALSO READ: PM Modi Makes Guest Appearance In Rajya Sabha On Parliament Day 7 The Opposition has adjusted its demand, and now asks PM Modi to actively participate in a full session to debate the demonetisation issue. It remains to be seen if PM Modi will speak over demonetisation in the Parliament.