Pakistan Will Never Hand Over Dawood To India, Says Chidambaram

| } May 13 , 2016 , 15:26 IST
Dawood IbrahimA day after CNN-News18 aired a sting, claiming India's most wanted Dawood Ibrahim lives in the posh Clifton area of Karachi, former home minister P Chidambaram said that Pakistan will never hand over him to India. The channel reports, Chidambaram stating "the Pakistan government is never going to yield Dawood Ibrahim to you. They are never going to admit that Dawood has sought refuge there and even if they do, they are never going to make them available to you." "The whole world knows that Dawood Ibrahim has an address in Pakistan. In fact, we have shared it with the Pakistan government. They have of course denied it," he added. However, defending Indian government, Chidambram said that not being able to bring back Ibrahim is “not a failure of any Indian government. The problem is with Pakistan.”

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