"I Am Sure We Will Convince Him" Says Kejriwal After A Failed Attempt To Make Amends With Vishwas

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| } May 3 , 2017 , 07:37 IST
Arvind-Kejriwal-and-Kumar-Vishwas After having major accusations hurled at him for trying to create rift between AAP and working for BJP, Kumar Vishwas finally spoke out yesterday to the media. A teary eyed Kumar said he has nothing to apologise for. ALSO READ: An Anguished Kumar Vishwas Breaks Down, Says Won’t Apologise For His Video Supporting Indian Army Later on Tuesday night, Arvind Kejriwal met Vishwas trying to control the damage as everyone feared Kumar Vishwas is on the verge of quitting the party. "Kumar is upset, but I am sure we will convince him. He is an integral part of our movement," Kejriwal said after the meeting. Today Vishwas will decide if he wants to stay in AAP or quit. ALSO READ: Kejriwal Dismisses Rumours Of Rift With Kumar Vishwas, Says No One Can Separate Us According to NDTV reports, Mr Sisodia said, Mr Vishwas had not been asked to apologise, he made everything personal. He was sharply critical of Mr Vishwas' decision to go public despite Mr Kejriwal talking to him for "three hours yesterday." Mr Vishwas, he said, should have discussed his complaints in a party forum instead of going public with them. "This demoralises workers. They too know why leaders make such statements and to benefit which party,"      

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