Five Drunk Men Planning To Attack Hospital In Mumbai Detained

| } September 26 , 2016 , 11:27 IST
Five Drunk Men Planning To Attack Hospital In Mumbai DetainedFive drunk men were taken into custody on suspicion of planning to attack a hospital in neighbouring Mumbai but later let off with a warning, police said on Monday. According to PI Mandar Dharmadhikari, the incident took place on the night of September 23, when all these five men boarded a app-based call taxi to the Thane Civil Hospital, where the wife of one the accused was admitted. On their way, all the accused in an inebriated condition began discussing among themselves about "blowing up" a hospital in Mumbai where large number of people undergo treatment, even as they referred to the terror scare in Uran. Taken aback after overhearing the talk, the taxi driver--Sandeep Sapkal--immediately approached the Thane Nagar Police Station and narrated the incident sending the cops into a tizzy. A team of policemen rushed to the hospital and launched search operations which continued till the wee hours of September 24. However, they could not trace the suspects, the officer said. Later, with the help of CCTV and inputs from the taxi driver, all the five men-- Sushil Jha (30), Nagendra Yadav (25) Sayed Shikalkar (35), Pradi Pisal (39) and Akhilesh Jha (29) --were taken into custody from Bhandup near here on the night of September 24. Interrogation revealed that they were under the influence of liquor and did not intend to harm anyone following which they were released with a warning after registering a case under section 505 (1)(b) of the IPC. Two accused among the five are history sheeters and small time criminals, the officer added. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook