'Dear' Twitter Row: Smriti Irani Bares Her Heart Out On Facebook , Asks 'Why Zip It?'

| } June 16 , 2016 , 14:08 IST
smriti-irani-2Following comments from the Twitterati at large on 'dear' row, HRD minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday bared her heart out in a facebook post. Irani wrote a long message, emphasising on the need to speak out one’s mind, especially directing it to women. She wrote, “As the politician mumbled apologies and explained his “position” regarding the twitter spat to my state leader on the mobile while our contingent drove back from Bhagalpur last night; I watched his supporters trend a hashtag in my name, irrespective of their neta’s public apology. As those who scream murder and whip themselves up into a feminist frenzy at the drop of a hat tried to “endear” themselves to me on Twitter, I reflected on the near “Jerry Maguire” like moment that was upon me.” Here is the complete post: On Tuesday, Smriti Irani and Ashok Choudhary locked horns on Twitter over mention of the word ‘dear’ and the National Education Policy. Choudhary tweeted to Irani, addressing her with a ‘dear’ and asking about the NEP. Irani, however, caught on to the ‘dear’ and asked him whether that was how he addressed women. In another post on Facebook, Irani also talked about Vidyanjali, school volunteer programme, she posted:

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