BJP Against Dalits, Says Mayawati

| } July 24 , 2016 , 13:19 IST
[caption id="attachment_209784" align="aligncenter" width="700"]BJP Against Dalits, Says Mayawati On Sunday, BSP supremo Mayawati claimed that Bharatiya Janata Party does not support the Dalit community.[/caption] On Sunday, BSP supremo Mayawati claimed that Bharatiya Janata Party does not support the Dalit community. ALSO READ: Mayawati’s Response Even More Outrageous: Anupriya "I opposed the Una incident in the Parliament and outside. After that, the dalits united Nationwide," said Mayawati in a statement on Sunday. "Sad thing is that PM Modi still has not spoken about the Una (Gujarat) incident. This shows that BJP is not with the dalits," she added. ALSO READ: Kejriwal Questions Modi’s Silence On Dalit Attacks A recent incident in Una where seven persons of the Dalit community were flogged for alleged cow-slaughter sparked an uproar in the community. Recently BJP's Uttar Pradesh unit Vice-President Dayashankar Singh had made a condemnable statement against the BSP supremo which invited an intense backlash from across the nation. ALSO READ: Attack Against Dalits In Gujarat: Know All That Happened Till Now Following the incident, both parties bombarded each other with accusations of harassment. An FIR was filed against Dayashankar for his offensive statement which, Mayawati claimed, abused the entire Dalit community. Dayashankar's family too filed an FIR against Mayawati and some members of her party accusing her of harassing them and dragging the family in a political issue. On Sunday, BSP workers had staged a protest in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh against Dayashankar. ALSO READ: Register Case Under POSCO Act Against Mayawati, Demands Dayashankar’s Wife Swati However, even with the episode taking the shape of an all-out war between the parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to give a statement. Displeased by the Prime Minister's apathy, on Sunday, Mayawati said "SP under the pressure of BJP, has not yet arrested Dayashankar Singh, his mother filed an FIR against me and demanded my arrest. I don't think Dayashankar will be arrested and punished. BSP party will alone fight for the Dalits and the poor and will demand for justice." ALSO READ: Dayashankar Remains Untraceable; Wife Files FIR Against Mayawati, BSP Protesters She added, "It would have been better if BJP had fought for a Dalit's daughter's honour and the honour of one of their own alike. But, the party did not protest for a Dalit's rights. This displays the anti-Dalit outlook of the party." She further targeted the Samajwadi Party by saying, "BJP is making them do this. They want to protect Dayashankar. It's a conspiracy of BJP and SP." ALSO READ: Mayawati Slams BJP For Suspending Dayashankar For 6 Years, Demands His Arrest "Dayashankar’s family filed an FIR against me, they should have also filed an FIR against him for using harsh words for me," she added. The BSP supremo did not stop there. She even singled out Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav and said, "If the SP government, especially the Chief Minister, doesn't fight for my honour by arresting Dayashankar under pressure from BJP, whenever a BSP government is formed, my party will conduct a thorough investigation in the matter ourselves." ALSO READ: People From Weaker Sections Treat Me As Goddess: Mayawati She concluded her statement by saying, "BJP made Dayashankar use foul language against me and thought suspending him will win the hearts of dalits; but, this took a U-turn."

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