BJP Itself Has Done 'Bharat Bandh', Says Mayawati

| } November 28 , 2016 , 12:27 IST
[caption id="attachment_236681" align="aligncenter" width="700"]BSP Suprmeo Mayawati BSP Suprmeo Mayawati[/caption] BSP chief Mayawati on Monday accused the BJP of doing a "Bharat Bandh" by demonetising higher currency currency and said the opposition was not divided over the issue. "The BJP alleged that the opposition has called a Bharat Bandh, but the fact is that the BJP itself has done a Bharat Bandh by demonetising high currency notes," Mayawati told the media. ALSO READ: Demonetisation: Opposition United In Protest, Divided Over Bandh She said there was no division within the opposition ranks. "There is no rift in the opposition parties over demonetisation. The entire opposition is united," the former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said. She said the opposition had been demanding answers from Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the November 8 demonetisation that has caused a cash chaos across the country. ALSO READ: WATCH: PM Modi Replies To Calls For Bharat Bandh "We saw Modiji came to the Rajya Sabha before lunch but skipped the next session because he knew the opposition would demand answers from him," she said. "Why is he skipping Parliament? "We heard Modiji speak in Kushinagar, where he accused the opposition of supporting black money and corruption," she said. ALSO READ: WATCH: PM Modi Replies To Calls For Bharat Bandh "Our party is concerned about the poor implementation of the demonetisation, which has made life of the poor miserable in the last 20 days." The opposition has called a nationwide strike on Monday while the Congress has announced a 'Jan Akrosh Diwas'.

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