Agusta Debate In Rajya Sabha: BJP Pointing Fingers Without Evidence

| } May 4 , 2016 , 09:42 IST
AM SinghviUnion Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Wednesday will present all the facts about the AugustaWestland chopper deal in the Parliament amid the raging political storm over the alleged scam. "I will place the detailed chronology, giving facts about the chopper deal before Parliament on Wednesday. I will place the detailed chronology, giving how and when necessary clauses or provisions were relaxed to suit the company," he had told reporters last week. As the government and the opposition continue to blame each other for disrupting the functioning of the parliament, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) MP Subramanian Swamy has levelled charges against Congress President Sonia Gandhi recieved bribe in the the 3,600 crore deal. Meanwhile, former air chief SP Tyagi on Tuesday admitted having financial interest in three companies (Banshi, Anuras and Shavan), involved in the controversial Rs 3,600-crore chopper deal. Tyagi also accepted meeting COO of Finmeccanica Zapa in 2005 in India before the CBI. LIVE UPDATES: Anand Sharma: We know their agenda and we are determined to fight and expose that agenda: Anand Sharma Anand Sharma: This is a democracy.What has been referred to, must be authenticated by Govt, put here and scrutinized legally- Uproar in Rajya Sabha during discussion on AgustaWestland issue. Subramanian Swamy: Which was authority above Mr. Antony who overruled him? From my personal knowledge I will say it wasn't Dr. Manmohan Singh. Subramanian Swamy: In Sept 2008,contract negotiations committee arbitrarily fixed 4877.5 cr as the deal which was 6 times more. Subramanian Swamy: Air Force in Jan 2006 gave their benchmark estimate for this deal as 793 cr. This was approved by Mr. Antony then Defence Minister. Subramanian Swamy: CAG says that already present 8 helicpoters which was bought in 1988 was hardly utilised, what was need for this additional 4? Subramanian Swamy: Original proposal was to buy 8 helicopters,after it became clear that AgustaWestland was only 1 to qualify,they decided to buy 4 more. Subramanian Swamy: They didn't use AW101 aircraft (which was bought) for field trials bt used some other helicopter, which is fraud in its itself. Subramanian Swamy: People who lowered height was not NDA.It is a lie to say that NDA Govt was one which changed specification of height. Subramanian Swamy: That was lowered because it was found that present choice that we’ve made of AgustaWestland cannot fly beyond 4500 metres. Subramanian Swamy: But objective was that VVIPs should be able to fly to remote areas such as Siachen/north-east and therefore ought to fly at heights above 6000 metres & should be out range of shoulder rockets. Subramanian Swamy: True that NDA had initiated process for buying 8 new choppers to replace 6 old choppers which were purchased in 1998. Subramanian Swamy: It is a lie to say that NDA Govt was the one to change specification of height. Mayawati: There should be a Supreme Court monitored probe into AugustaWestland case. Sharad Yadav: There are so many more important issues going on in the nation. They are the ones that should be discussed in the House. Sharad Yadav: Mai chunauti kay saath keh raha hoon, ki iss maamley mei kuch nahi nikalega. Singhvi: All this fixation to finger point at one person, doesn't that affect investigation? I dont think you can intimidate us. Singhvi: This "tainted" "bogus" company was allowed to participate in aero displays in Bengaluru in 2015. Singhvi: Just because you have inbuilt hatred for certain names doesn't mean they shall be put in place for initials used. Singhvi: We have to now rely on distortions of Italian Court judgements? Singhvi: Here is an insecure ruling party trying to foist a charge of corruption on persons unconnected. AM Singhvi: We need to have more sense than sensationalism. Bhupender Yadav: The CAG report details how doors were opened for AgustaWestland. I want to ask how this done. Operational requirement, service quality were changed. But then the government changed and the temperament changed. When NDA came to power it was decided that this procurement would not be a single-vendor process. These could only fly during good weather, in the day and had many flaws. Bhupendra Yadav: In 1999, the Air Force made a suggestion to replace MI8 VVIP helicopters. BJP MP Bhupendra Yadav says the debate is important because it's directly related to military and procurement for the nation’s defence. BJP's Bhupendra Yadav speaks on the Agusta Case. Ruckus in Rajya Sabha as Defence Minister starts his 'big reveal' speech on Agusta case.