All Airports Alerted To Prevent Rape Accused Gayatri Prajapati To Flee The Country

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| } March 4 , 2017 , 07:41 IST
[caption id="attachment_248706" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Rape Accused Gayatri Prajapati. Rape Accused Gayatri Prajapati.[/caption] Airports across the country have been alerted about the possibility of UP Minister Gayatri Prajapati, accused of rape, trying to flee the country. A Letter of Cancellation (LC) will soon be opened against him and all airports have been alerted to prevent the 49-year-old Prajapati from fleeing the country, official sources said. A letter of cancellation is a technical term used for alerting immigration authorities about any possible move by a suspect to leave the country. ALSO READ: Mulayam’s Leader Shiv Charan Prajapati Joins Sexist Brigade, Blames Women For Rapes Whenever passport of the suspect comes for immigration clearance at any exit point of the country, the computer screen warns the official to not let the person leave. The Sashtra Seema Bal (SSB), guarding Uttar Pradesh's border with Nepal, has also been alerted about the possibility of such a move by Prajapati. The UP Police has registered an FIR against the ruling Samajwadi Party politician, who continues to elude them, for allegedly gang-raping a woman and molesting her daughter with his aides. The FIR was filed recently following a directive of the Supreme Court after the alleged victim woman approached it.