After Six Years, CBI Files Closure Report In Scarlett Keeling’s Death Case In Goa

| } September 27 , 2016 , 14:57 IST
scaSix years after a 35-year-old British woman was found dead near Anjuna beach in Goa, the CBI has filed a closure report in the case as no evidence of assault or homicide has been found. The 50-page closure report in the death case of Denyse Sweeney was filed on Monday by a special team of CBI which arrived in Goa from Mumbai. “The report has been filed before Judicial Magistrate First Class, Mapusa,” Nandkumar Nair, the head of CBI’s special branch in Mumbai, told news agencies on Tuesday. He said forensically, the cause of death was cerebral pulmonary oedema, which means accumulation of fluid in brain and lungs. There was no evidence of assault or homicide and also there was no eyewitness or circumstantial evidence due to which the closure report was filed, Nair said. Sweeney was on a holiday in Goa when she was found dead on April 16, 2010 near the toilet of a night club in Anjuna beach area. Local police had cited drug overdose as the reason behind the death, but later registered a case of murder after Sweeney’s family suspected foul play. The Central Bureau of Investigation had taken over the probe into the case in January. The development in Sweeney case came days after Goa Children’s Court in Panaji acquitted two men accused of drugging, sexually abusing and leaving to die British teenager Scarlett Eden Keeling at Anjuna beach in February 2008. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook    

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