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In Honour Of Strong Ties With India, US Military Renames Its Pacific Command

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| May 31 , 2018 , 11:17 IST

In honour of the strong ties with India and the growing importance of India to the Pentagon, the US Military on Thursday announced that it is renaming its Pacific Command to US Indo-Pacific Command.

The US Pacific Command tweeted the announcement, "Secretary James N. Mattis, Secretary for @DeptOfDefense, announces the renaming of U.S. Pacific Command to U.S. Indo-Pacific Command to recognize the increasing connectivity between the Indian & Pacific Oceans and America's commitment to the #IndoPacific!"

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis made the announcement about the change in name of the Pacific Command during a change of command ceremony where Admiral Philip Davidson was assuming leadership from Admiral Harry Harris.  

"In recognition of the increasing connectivity between the Indian and Pacific Oceans, today we rename the US Pacific Command to US Indo-Pacific Command," Mattis said.

"Relationships with our Pacific and Indian Ocean allies and partners have proven critical to maintaining regional stability," he said.

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The new command head Admiral Davidson had last month also hailed the military relationship between India and the US.

"I think India and the relationship with the United States is the potentially most historic opportunity we have in the 21st-century and I intend to pursue that quite rigorously," said Admiral Davidson last month.

India and the US had in 2016 signed an agreement regarding the use of each other's land, air and naval bases for repair and resupply, to build defence ties in the face of growing maritime assertiveness of China.

The US Pacific Command is responsible for all US military activity in the greater Pacific region and has around 3.75 lakh civilian and military personnel assigned to it.