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Gujarati Man Quits High-Paying US Job To Help Poor In India And Africa

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| September 13 , 2017 , 19:31 IST

90% of Indian youth study their whole life with a dream of working in a developed foreign nation at a high-paying job. People are seldom noted leaving their high-end jobs to serve their nation but whoever does, are always appreciated.

Many great Indian men have left their jobs and entered politics or other social services but one Gujarati man whose motive might be the same but was not recognised is Dhairya Pujara.

He is MS in Biomedical Engineering and left an undemanding job in a well recognised US firm just to come back to India and help to uplift the poor.

In 2013, he started a company called 'YCenter' with partner Aditya Brahmabhatt.

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Pujara has been a part of a program called 'We Serve' which was focused on helping African countries like Kenya and Mozambique in developing basic life skills like communication and personality.

During his second visit to the country, Dhairya found the inspiration of educating the poor in Africa about getting Malaria check-ups with mobile phones. Upon his conversation with his mother, Pujara realised his responsibility towards his motherland.

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He then started a communication and personality development program in the underprivileged areas of Mumbai.

In an interview with India Times, he said, "We taught them curriculum from the best US universities on a blackboard. The locations and conditions may have been different but students everywhere have been equally eager to learn."

Dhairya has envisioned help the children develop life skills apart from what the conventional education teaches them. He wants children to be competent enough to have a personality to deal with the real world.