'The Mummy' Trailer Is Out; Tom Cruise Comes Back From The Dead To Tackle Dark Entities

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| } April 3 , 2017 , 14:37 IST
hqdefault Tom Cruise will be seen fighting dark ancient forces from the pyramids of Egypt, in the next movie 'The Mummy'. The trailer of the movie was released on Sunday and it is amazing! The plot that the trailer suggests is that archaeologist Nick Morton (played by Tom Cruise) unravels as a dark passage that had kept hidden evil forces for a thousand years. But human interference brings back those dark entities that now threaten the human race. The ancient princess Ahmanet (played by Sofia Boutella) was entombed because of her wrong deeds but has now revived after her thousand years to avenge and take back what was rightfully hers.  She brings with her terror and destruction, it is only in Nick’s hands to save the world from this peril, as he is the chosen one! The trailer is very promising and no doubt Tom Cruise is set to rock the audience again with his amazing action sequences. The movie will release on June 9th 2017. This movie has a lot of expectations to fulfill as the world loved all the previous 'Mummy' movies and sequels! Watch out for the power packed trailer: