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Shekhar Kapur: Time To Explore Virtual Storytelling Techniques

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| November 24 , 2015 , 15:21 IST
Theatrical films will soon be a thing of past- that's the belief of filmmaker Shekhar Kapur as he says it's time to take the virtual route to narrate stories and make way for short yet immersive film viewing experience. shekhar kapur paani"The economics of theatres is not working out but on the other hand technology is going wonderful and giving outstanding new ways to tell stories. And it is all about telling stories if we don't adapt we will die. "Theatrical films will always be an option but it might collapse. Technology is expanding and that is why I jumped into virtual reality. I think virtual reality is something the whole world is getting excited about for its immersive experience," Kapur said at a session of Film Bazaar here. The director of critically acclaimed films like "Masoom", "Bandit Queen" and "Elizabeth" addressed a session on "VR Technology & New Film Narratives" at the film market, which is underway till Tuesday. ALSO READ: IFFI 2015: Will Take ‘Paani’ Overseas If Don’t Get Indian Makers, Says Shekhar Kapur Kapur emphasized that soon people all over the world will create content on their phones and will soon be using the virtual reality technology for the experience which will customise film viewing further-- be it navigating the scene, choosing scenarios and ambiance or changing the backdrop. Kapur, who gave birth to Bollywood's invisible man through his work in "Mr. India", went on to say that filmmakers are more of technologists nowadays. "We all soon be memories that there were some filmmakers who made some iconic theatrical films, but hung around for too long," he quipped. He was all praise for the advancement in technology as it finds a way into the world full of lights, camera and action. "Technology is leaping forward with its content creation and story telling," said Kapur, who has also hosted a couple of reality TV shows. The director even cited example of his much-delayed film "Paani", saying making a shorter version of the concept of water scarcity in virtual world would have been a much trouble-free process. "I can make 'Paani' in three series and more people will be able to see it. It lives for long, people can watch it at their convenience and at the price they way," said Kapur, adding that the new age filmmakers should not think about theatrical release and look beyond conventional spaces.

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