Post Simmba Success Actor Sonu Sood Pens Down An Emotional Letter To His Late Parents

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| January 12 , 2019 , 15:53 IST

Parents are a blessing to every child and the ones who are gifted with their presence all throughout their highs and lows are the lucky ones.

Actor Sonu Sood, who played the role of villain in the blockbuster film Simmba’s, is basking under the glow of its success. However, the success and appreciation aroused a mixed response in the actor.

The Dabangg actor felt his success was bittersweet because his parents are no longer with him to savour his success.

He penned a letter addressing his parents on Friday, thanking them for their blessings. In the letter shared on Instagram, the actor shared how much he misses them.

Sonu wrote, “Today when I sit and attend congratulatory calls from so many people on the success of my new movie, there is one call I miss the most... A call from you both. Today everything feels incomplete without you. Wish I could sit in a theater with you and watch my film. The applause and whistles would have justified the time I had spent away from you during my struggling days.” 

In the note, 45-year-old Sonu Sood talked about the time when he failed as an actor and wished that his parents were there to witness his success as an actor.

“In the initial years when I was trying to learn the craft, I remember your motivational calls and those inspiring letters, which I still have with me. Time flew too fast. Success came, but for whom I worked so hard for so many years, couldn't enjoy it. Sometimes I feel like I failed as a son,” Sonu wrote.

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Determined to continue working hard, he concluded the letter by adding, “Sometimes I wish, I could have made this happen faster. I am sorry mom and dad. I miss you every day when I succeed. I miss you every day when I fail. I will still work hard to make you proud. Stay happy wherever you are and I know you are making things happen for me the way they are happening for me now.”

“With mom and dad around, life would have been mind-ich-blowing,” wrote Sood ending the letter in Simmba style.

Notably, Sood’s father Shakti Sagar Sood died of cardiac arrest in 2016. His mother Saroj Sood had passed away in 2007.