Kareena Talks Pregnancy And Diet In Facebook Live Video

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| July 15 , 2017 , 16:10 IST

Becoming a mother has not stopped Bollywood superstar Kareena Kapoor from doing what she wants. In fact, the star has been spotted outside gyms and yoga sessions even more than before.

The celebrity well known as Bollywood Bebo on Friday appeared in a Facebook live video with nutrition specialist Rujuta Diwakar to talk about various aspects of pregnancy and diet. They also answered several live questions during their session. Millions of her fans joined in the video and asked questions.

Rujuta recently completed her second book on pregnancy, diet, and fitness, which she briefed through this live session.

Taking about changes in her life since pregnancy, she said, “I have started going to bed early. Nowadays, I wake up very early so that I can be with Taimur. I think I get to spend time with Taimur during the morning.”

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When asked about her pre and post workouts, Kareena said, “I always have a good big breakfast before working out in the morning. I need my breakfast quite early. Otherwise, my brain won’t function. I have lunch post workout.”

She also mentioned that Saif has been cooking a lot frequently these days. She said, “Saif Ali Khan is cooking a lot these days. He has also been preparing for his role in Chef. So he is cooking pasta and is eating all of that.”

Responding to another question on the live chat she said, “Of course. That shift is natural. Earlier, it was just about me and Saif. But now, it’s about three of us. But we are not feeling anything different because we looked forward to it. We wanted a family.”

Watch the video: