'Nepotism Guru' Karan Johar's Indirect Attack On Kangana Backfires

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| September 13 , 2017 , 16:09 IST

In a recent interview with a renowned channel, the talented actress, Kangana Ranaut bared her soul while talking about her relationship experiences and also the struggle that she faced to establish a name in the film industry.

Despite the 'talent' and ability, Kangana has to go through various ordeals to get films and she accused many during her allegation session for the same. While Hrithik Roshan and Aditya Pancholi were the main celebrities who faced Kangana's rage, there was another name which was not much talked about.

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Karan Johar who according to Kangana is the 'Nepotism Guru' in Bollywood has been highly criticised post the accusations by Kangana. Some recognised actors even came forward to back him including Rishi Kapoor who justified Karan's action as a way to cool the curiosity of fans who want to see star kids on-screen.

Never during the talks did Karan Johar commented on the topic and maintained a stoic silence until recently. The ace director has smartly refrained from creating controversy but his recent Tweet has given a chance to many talks about him.

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Karan tweeted an indirect message on Twitter acknowledging Kangana's accusations about him promoting Nepotism in Bollywood but his attempt failed miserably when instead for applauding him, people started supporting Kangana's statement. Some did agree with him though. 

Kangana has recently featured in an All India Bakchod (AIB) where she was seen taking a dig at Bollywood's sexism and Nepotism issue and Karan Johar's tweet was posted few hours after the video was uploaded.