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Kapil Sharma Files Defamation Suit Against Digital Portal Demanding Rs 100 Crores Or Apology

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| May 3 , 2018 , 12:21 IST

Famous TV comedian turned actor Kapil Sharma has sent a legal notice to a digital portal and to a journalist working in it and in a defamation suit, demanding Rs 100 crore in damages, or an apology for publishing fake and irrelevant articles against him.   

Sharma declared that Vicky Lalwani, working with 9X Media Pvt. Ltd, allegedly published "false, malicious, fraudulent articles" on the digital platform Spotboye.

"In view of the articles by Lalwani on Spotboye to willfully defame my client, we have sent them a legal notice to publicly apologise within seven days failing which we will institute civil and criminal proceedings against both," Sharma's advocate Tanveer Nizam said in a statement.

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It claimed damages "to the tune of Rs One Hundred Crore to be deposited in National Defence Fund".

Sharma has also demanded that the journalist tender an "unconditional public apology" within seven days after receiving the notice.

Lalwani said to PTI that he had not received the notice yet.

According to the notice, Lalwani under the "guise of journalism" has been publishing derogatory articles against Sharma with the help of the actor's former associates since March 18, 2017.

"My client states that you have in close nexus with his earlier managers/associates Ms Neeti and Ms Preeti Simoes and have maliciously and in collusion and connivance with them and also in furtherance of a common intention to defame and tarnish the reputation of my client," Nizam said.

"...This information was spread with a design to defame my client and malign his image in the eyes of his fans, industry and public at large," the notice says.

The notice claims that Sharma's "hard-earned" reputation has suffered a lot after the derogatory article published against him.

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