Happy Birthday Shah Rukh Khan : 11 SRK Quotes That Prove He Is The Real King

News World India | 2
| November 2 , 2018 , 22:54 IST

Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan turned 53 on November 2. He started his journey back in 1988, hails from a humble middle-class family and after having spent more than 27 years in the Hindi film industry, he has reached the peak of Bollywood hierarchy through a combination of grit, hard work, and talent.

The most admirable aspect about the king of Bollywood is his complete consciousness of his superstardom. He understands the depth of his global recognition but he doesn't let that shadow his intellect and art.

Apart from his famous movie dialogues that even Obama has quoted at times, Shah Rukh has eloquent skills and a great sense of humour that we got to witness many times in interviews and chat shows. He is a man of Sharp words.

Here are 11 quotes to get you thinking that apart from being an undisputable actor he is a perfect speaker.  He has said so much and with so much passion.