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GoT 7 The Queen's Justice: Cersei Takes Revenge As Daenerys Keeps Faith

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| July 31 , 2017 , 15:39 IST

One of the most epic fantasy sagas in TV history the Game of Thrones is currently in its 7th season and the third episode titled 'The Queen's Justice' focussed on the revenge of Cersei Lannister on her enemies and the faith of Daenerys Targaryen.

The episode begins with the long awaited meeting between Jon Snow and Daenerys, the meeting of 'ice' and 'fire'. Tyrion Lannister, as the hand of Queen Daenerys shines in his ability to make the two great personalities come together and seek help from one another in their respective missions. Although Jon Snow refuses to bend his knee, Daenerys agrees to grant permission for the mining of Dragonstone.

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Melissandre proudly says "I've done my part, I've brought ice and fire together".

Meanwhile, at Kingslanding Euron arrives with his 'gifts' and Cersei makes him the commander of the sea. Cersei gets her revenge on Elariya Sand's daughter and promises to pay all her debts to the Iron Banks.

Sam achieves success at the Citadel as he cures Jorah Mormont, former adviser to Khaleesi Daenerys, and Jorah departs to meet up with his Queen once again.

Another Stark reunion takes place at Winterfall as Bran returns. Blessed as he is with the powers of the three-eyed Raven, Sansa finds her brother a little peculiar till he recounts the exact details of the night of Sansa's wedding to Ramsay Bolton.

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Since Bran, the only trueborn son of Ned Stark refuses to seat himself as the Lord of the North, the responsibility continues to lie with Jon Snow.

The Unsullied find their way into Casterly Rock, thanks to help from Tyrion, and capture the fortress. Euron's fleet destroys their ship and the Lannister Army marches away from the palace to Highgarden.

Cersei enacts another sweet revenge as Jaime passes poisoned wine to Olenna Tyrell, the last of Daenerys' ally from Westeros. Olenna however departs on her own terms and reveals to Jaime that it was her planned killing of Joffrey.

"She's going to the death of you" Olenna warns Jaime of Cersei.

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