Deepika's Nude Pic On Magazine Cover Goes Viral, See The Original Cover Here

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| August 5 , 2017 , 15:51 IST

Prominent Superstar Deepika Padukone is creating a sensation across the internet with her morphed picture on the Magazine Cover of Maxim, which she never posed for.

A fake cover of Maxim Magazine, featuring a morphed nude picture of Deepika Padukone went viral on social media, tangling her fans. It read, "Superwoman" and " Deepika Padukone: How to Thrive in a Male Dominated Industry".

The fake cover came after the original cover of Maxim Magazine, featuring Deepika, had gone viral for its own reasons.

The original cover featured the actress as "the hottest woman of the year".


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While many of her fans were delighted, she also attracted criticism for showing skin in the magazine cover after she posted the cover picture on her official Instagram account. However, the criticism didn't stop her from sharing more of the photoshoot pictures with her fans.

See some pictures from her photoshoot:

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