Birthday Girl Sunny Leone's Dream Of Having 3 Children Came True By Chance

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| May 13 , 2018 , 18:24 IST

Sunny Leone has garnered ample of love and admiration by Indians ever since she entered Bollywood. However, her initial life choices weren't received very fondly by the conventional audience but the 37-year-old's infectious persona and determination melted their hearts.


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Over the years, the Canadian-born Diva has evolved in many senses than one can imagine. From her acting skills to fashion sense, the actress has come a long way. In over 7 years of her acting career, the 'Jism 2' star has achieved various milestones, the topmost she feels is embracing motherhood.

Unable to conceive through her marriage with Daniel Weber, Sunny adopted a 21-month-old baby girl, whom they named Nisha Kaur Weber from Maharashtra's village Latur in July 2017. Later, she became a proud mother to twin boys - Asher Singh Weber and Noah Singh Weber via surrogacy.


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Interestingly, Sunny always dreamt of having three children but gave up long back. "I always pictured three children in my head but as time went by and no children... I would have been happy with one but God had different plans and made my dreams come true of a big family," she told IANS.

Surprisingly, the actress turned 37 on the occasion of Mother's Day and is very excited to celebrate the same with her children for the first time. "It's pretty cool that both are on the same day. I am not sure about my birthday but I'm looking forward to Mother's Day," she said.


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Coming from a Sikh family, her choice of career was an unlikely one and not taken very nicely by her parents. While she suffered consequences of entering the Adult industry, she doesn't regret her decision as it helped the actress explore herself. Unlike most controversial celebs, Sunny is excited about her biopic.

Her unexpected journey from an adult star to Bollywood actress would be explored in her forthcoming show, Karenjit Kaur - The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone. She wants her story to reach the masses in her words, not through the unreliable sources with added flavours.

Being a mother has changed the actress, in more ways than one. Ever since the awareness about atrocities against children and women has increased, her protective instinct as a mother has kicked in. While the actress is shielding her kids from all bad powers in the world, we wish her to have a joyful year ahead.


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Happy Birthday, Sunny Leone...