Indian Heritage Goes Global: Mahabharata And Ramayana To Be Part Of Harvard University Syllabus

न्यूज़ वर्ल्ड इंडिया | 0
| August 21 , 2017 , 13:28 IST

One of the world's most renowned universities and US's oldest institution of higher education established in 1636, the Harvard University will now be including the Hindu epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana in its syllabus, beginning from this Fall semester itself.

The legendary Sanskrit epics will be the focus of the “Indian Religions Through Their Narrative Literatures: The Epics” graduate level class to be taught by Professor Anne E. Monius of Harvard Divinity School starting August 30.

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The narrative poem of Ramayana has around 25,000 slokas divided into seven kandas or sections, beginning from the BCE period. The Mahabharata has around 1,00,000 verses beginning from the BCE period and is considered to be one of the longest poems ever written. The 1 lakh Mahabharata verses are divided into 18 parts, with the world famous Bhagavad Gita also forming one of the parts.  

President of Universal Society of Hinduism Rajan Zed commended Harvard University for highlighting Hindu heritage, urging other major universities of the world such as Oxford, Stanford, Cambridge, Toronto, Tokyo and Melbourne to also offer Hinduism focussed classes. Zed offered the help of himself or other Hindu scholars to help share the rich philosophy-concepts-symbols-traditions of Hinduism, the oldest religion.

Harvard University has around 22,000 students and has produced 48 Nobel laureates, 32 heads of state and 48 Pulitzer Prize winners in the past.