IIT Kanpur Expels 60 Students For 'Poor Performance'

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| July 9 , 2017 , 14:04 IST

A dream for many students is to enter one of the elite Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and to that end, students spend as many as 2-years preparing. But simply securing admission to one of the IITs is not enough to guarantee you will pass out with an IIT degree, as 60 students of IIT Kanpur found out.

As many as 60 students of IIT Kanpur had their admission terminated by the Institute based on their poor performance after they received repeated warnings.

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As per reports, 46 undergraduate students, 8 postgraduate students, and 6 research scholars had their admissions terminated, with some students even being in the final year of their respective course.

The Dean of Academics at IIT-Kanpur Dr. Neeraj Misra said that there is nothing new in the process and that it is a 'lawful practice' that the college follows according to which students whose performance is not satisfactory receive warnings to improve and if they fail to improve, the college takes action against those students.

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While students do have the option for mercy appeal, no concession through mercy appeal is given to those students who are very weak.

After termination, the college has undertaken measures to ensure that the terminated students do not take any extreme step. The parents and guardians of the terminated students are also advised accordingly.

The admission to the esteemed IITs is a difficult process, under which aspirants first need to clear the JEE Mains exam, then the JEE Advanced exam following which they face interviews at the concerned IIT branch where they seek admission.

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