Common Mistakes Students Make After 10th Boards

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| October 6 , 2018 , 13:11 IST

Be it going out with your friends to have fun or visiting a beautiful town on vacation – there are plenty of things you can do after finishing your 10th boards. But in the wake of all the fun and enjoyment, don’t fall into the trap of mistakes that many students commit after their 10th boards.

This is one of the most crucial times in students’lives. They don’t just take their first step towards their career but also undergo various physical, emotional and psychological changes. Hence, committing common mistakes can affect their choices and personality significantly. In case you are not aware of those mistakes, we advise you to read this article and stay prepared.

Here are some of the common mistakes students make after their board exams:

  • Not Choosing the Right Stream

Topping the list of the common mistakes is the all-time favourite of confused students. When they have to decide which stream to choose, they often follow their friends or go with the say of their parents. What they forget to consider is that it is their life and they should be the one making decisions.

Many times students realize their mistakes when it gets too late. Such students often end up being depressed throughout their school life. It not only affects their academic performance but also drains them emotionally. Hence, to avoid such a situation, students should try to self-retrospect their choices and passion. They can also ask their teachers and other counsellors to guide them through this important milestone. Once they are sure, they can decide which stream can become the stepping stone towards their future goals.

  • Excessive Studying

Not all students are clueless about their decisions; some are quite focused and determined to achieve their dreams. They know the stream they will choose and hence, begin preparation even before the school starts. While this is a good habit, if it goes beyond the normal norms, it can have a bad impact on them.

You must have heard the common proverb – “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy." Well, this is what we are talking about. Every student deserves to enjoy the time after boards. They need to de-stress their minds to feel refreshed for the new session.

  • Excessive Leisurely Activities

Just like excessive studying, excessive indulgence in fun activities won’t be of much help. It does de-stress the mind of students,but it can also divert their attention from important things like choosing the right stream. Therefore, students must try to avoid excessive leisurely activities. They can make a schedule with balanced time for both studying and fun activities. This will also help them in staying disciplined for the upcoming session at school.

  • Neglecting Scholarships

This can be one of the biggest mistakes for students who are quite serious about their dreams and don’t want any financial trouble. There are numerous talent hunt exams available that offer scholarship for 10th passed students. One such scholarship exam is Aakash National Talent Hunt Exam (ANTHE) which provides scholarships for 10th passed students who wish to go for competitive exams like NEET and JEE. By neglecting such scholarships, students lose a golden opportunity to fulfill their dreams without worrying about financial trouble.

  • Involvement with WrongHabits

As mentioned earlier, the time after 10th is quite crucial for students. They get misled on the paths that they should not take. Instead of using the internet for studying, they end up scrolling their social media pages all day long. Often, they also make friends online without paying much attention to their profiles and end up being in a mess.

Making a mistake is not bad but committing it after knowing about the consequences is not a wise step either. Hence, now that you know about the common mistakes you need to avoid after 10th, try to stay away from them and take the right decisions. Also, don’t forget to apply for the scholarship and prepare hard to ace it with flying colours. All the best!

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