Aiming CAT 2018? Top 7 Strategies To Help You Crack The Exam

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| July 16 , 2018 , 11:25 IST

Cracking one of the most strenuous Common Admission Test is the aim of every MBA aspirant as the scorecard is a gateway to the top notch B-Schools of the country. Securing a seat to these prestigious institutions definitely gives a perfect start to the career of any student. Hence, it is one of the vital reasons for the increasing number of aspirants and intensifying competition.

All those aiming to appear for the 2018 exam must have already geared up their preparation. One can easily clear CAT in the first attempt if you adopt a proper strategy for the exam. If you are muddled up as to what strategy exactly must be followed for the exam, then we have mentioned below the top 7 strategies to crack CAT exam. Have a look.

Select the right study material

The first thing you should do before starting your preparation for CAT 2018 is to select the right study material for the exam. There are various books in the market exclusively for the preparation of CAT exam, you can select any of the best books from them for your preparations. However, for the quantitative aptitude section, best would be to start with your class 10th and 12th books. So, selecting the right books will be the first step towards your CAT preparation.

Proper Time Management

The most important strategy for your CAT 2018 preparation is time management. You should properly divide your time for each section and give proper importance to each subject of the exam.  The exam has 3 sections – Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation & Logical reasoning and Verbal & Reading Comprehension. You should devote equal time to the preparation of each section as ignoring any section can affect your overall percentile in the examination.

Separate Strategy for each section

After dividing your time for each section, you need a separate strategy for each one. This strategy, however, depends on a particular candidate as each person has different strengths and weaknesses. You should make a separate plan for each subject because maybe you are not good at Quant and need more time for its preparation, so you should give more time to the Quant section. Similarly, you can give less time to a section which is your strength. So, you will have to make a study plan for each section depending upon your on equations.

Work on basics

After proper time management and subject-wise strategy, you should focus on the basics of each subject. You should not try to solve tough and difficult questions first rather you should learn the basics first and then move further. As it is also said that a building will be strong only when its foundation is strong, so you should make your foundation strong first.

Solve Mock Tests

There are many websites that provide mock tests for the CAT exam, these tests provide the actual pattern of the exam and give you an insight on how the actual exam looks like. You should practice more and more practice tests daily as it makes you prepared for the actual exam and also improves your speed. These tests have questions based on the previous year exams, so it also gives you an idea about the level of questions asked in the exam. So, you should take maximum mock tests to increase your speed, accuracy and time management.

Analyse Your Performance

You should not focus on only studying. Beside studying you should give mock tests to focus on your performance. You should keep a check that whether you are improving with the days or not, you should check whether the strategy you are following is going in the right direction or not. You should focus on the marks secured by you in the mock tests. However, you should not get disheartened by seeing fewer marks but try to improve your marks in the mocks then only you will be able to ace in the actual exam. So, self-evaluation is one of the important things you should focus on during your preparations.


Last but not the least, you should do a proper revision of whatever you study. If you will not revise what you have studied, you may forget it. So, revision is very important during your preparations. So, you should make a study plan which has time for revision also.  

Other than following these strategies, you must keep yourselves stress-free and calm; you should also dedicate some of your time for some extra-curricular activities as it refreshes your mind and helps you in studying even better. So, follow a proper study plan to ensure your success and also start your preparations on time.

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