Redemption Or Karma?

| } September 29 , 2016 , 14:31 IST
Pakistan was told once: if you nurture snakes in your backyard, don’t think they will not bite you. The venomous snakes that Pakistan bred and fed to fight its innocuous enemies have started to creep under the carpets and the drawing rooms of its Pindi Khakis.
India struck back today. Many felt it was a delayed response but when you are dealing with an opponent who does not adhere to any scruples of fairness and morality, planning is essential. In the wee hours of the morning our commandos snuck into the hell hole funded by Pakistan. This hell hole is the Hogwarts School for all those who can’t wait to meet Allah and claim their 72 virgins. PoK houses 28 of the most skilled and insidious terror camps in the world. Their sole aim is the destruction and annihilation of the non-believer. Pakistan denied this excursion but when has Pakistan admitted to anything other than being broke?
Our commandos showed intrepid will and risked their lives to address not a historic or a strategic message, what they did was symbolic; if you indulge in killing our innocents we won’t sit quiet and observe. We will take action.
We gave Pakistan many chances to mend its ways. But a country that is condemned to oblivion and does not have a history of its own should have focused on making its mark in the world after 1947. But what they accomplished in doing is something that makes the world writhe in pain. This maybe the beginning of the end of Pakistan as India and world powers push to declare it a rogue and terrorist state. Militarily Pakistan cannot ‘afford’ a war with India for more than 3 days and internationally it has become the odd nation that is breeding terrorism.
A global deterrent is not going to dissuade Pakistan from operating its terror camps but maybe a pang of its own doing can incite Pakistan to understand one finite element of existence – what goes around comes around. Karma!