India’s Race To The Top

| } October 3 , 2016 , 20:18 IST
[caption id="attachment_230198" align="aligncenter" width="700"]India’s Race To The Top India’s Race To The Top[/caption] India displaced arch rivals Pakistan from the top spot of the ICC Test rankings after thrashing New Zealand by 321 runs in the third test match in Indore' Holkar Stadium. India won the series 3-0. The timing may seem almost karmic but this ascendance of the Indian team could not have come at a better time. With growing tension with our incorrigible neighbor the Indian team has produced an event that only goes to save the current rhetoric – isolate Pakistan at every forum. It started with the relegation of Pakistan at the SAARC summit. Then came the move by the US congress to declare Pakistan a terrorist state. Then we saw India’s surgical strike in response to Pakistan’s orchestrated URI attacks. Since then an array of links that put Pakistan close to India have been the ‘talk of the town’. Be it Pakistani actors who don’t react to the attacks in India or their counterparts who stay mute on their decision to do so, the India Pakistan topic had become a cesspool of controversy and rude awakenings. The Indian cricket team changed that. By gaining the number one position the Indian team has not only asserted moral victory but it has also shown the country that to defeat a belligerent and rogue neighbor there are options other than the one doing the rounds. Militarily we need to tackle Pakistan and the results will be far and between, but cricket is that one big platform where India has always made Pakistan kneel. It will come as a solace to our beloved brave hearts that the Indian cricket team too had it ammunitions poised to defeat Pakistan on another front. And this front has probably led to a lot of happy faces who are parked in URI, Baramulla and Siachen to uphold our honor. Jai Hind