Zoutons Launches Black Friday Sales With Latest Offers From Popular Stores

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| November 21 , 2018 , 16:48 IST

Zoutons one of the trusted e-commerce website where online consumers where people can get exclusive offers on different kinds of products like electronics, personalized accessories, home & garden, automotive, home appliances, accessories, clothing, fashion accessories, beverages, household needs, personal care appliances, etc.

Zoutons has recently launched the Black Friday Sales where people can checkout latest offers on different categories from popular stores. Get latest deals and offers on many popular brands and get hassle-free shipping on your final orders.

Sahil Chalana, the founder of zoutons has said that ‘the sale is going to be the most appreciated thing by the customers who will be purchasing their goods at this time. With amazing discounts and humongous offers, is going to be the most talked about thing in the US market.’

Commencement of Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday, particularly known as a festive season which comes after thanksgiving and it is celebrated on a large scale in the United States. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November after Thanksgiving. Due to the festive season, black Friday offers massive discounts on all major stores and launches heavy discounts on top most stores and also get the best discounts on all products on their web portals.

Black Friday is a golden chance for the consumers to grab instant deals and offers on latest products which you can get at lowest price along with many additional offers.

If you planning to buy yourself a new smartphone or any other apparel then here is your chance to grab the latest ongoing offers under black Friday sale. It is the best time to shop for your favourite product and get hefty discounts on your final orders.

Zoutons:Black Friday Sale Launch

With the onset of festive season Zoutons has launched its black Friday sales. Different leading stores like Trading mart, old navy, Victoria's secrets, home depot, Nike, Lowes, Macmall, Macy's, and so on are mentioned on this sale which are offering massive discounts of up to 80% off on different categories and products.

“We, as a team, are trying to provide the consumer with transparency about all the e-commerce stores, their provided categories and the available discounts which are going to be launched in the US’s Black Friday Sale. Our main attention would be towards Amazon, Walmart, Target &Bestbuy as these 4 stores capture more than 70% of online spending during the black friday sale ” says Sahil Gupta (DTU graduate), Product Head at Zoutons.

The black Friday sale is expected to go online from 5th November which will last long for 10 days depending on various stores.

Huge discounts, extra offers and hassle free returns and free online delivery are some of the major reasons that make this sale more offering and enduring.

Shop for best products from leading stores without giving a thought about your monthly expenditure.

What is the essence of the sale?

More than 160 e-commerce stores in total and more than 60 categories and sub-categories to shop from this sale, i.e, one of the biggest sales of the year. Some of the major stores under Black Friday sale include Amazon US, Wallmart, Macy’s, Lowes, Gamestop, Kohl’s etc. with major categories such as Electronics, Smartphones, Clothing, Home Appliances, Fashion Accessories, Kitchen Essentials, Footwear and more being added to the listing.

How does Zoutons helps in the Black Friday sale?

Zoutons is a pool of offers and coupons which help its customers to shop for the best products from top stores with massive discounts that are generally difficult to find when your browse the stores individually. The entire team of the store works in favour of their customers to help them buy the latest products at lowest price.

“We are quite optimistic with Black Friday sale as total online spending in the last year was approx $5.1 billion and we are expecting at least 14% growth this time ” says Sidhharth Arya (BITS Pilani graduate), Marketing Head at Zoutons.

The website has collaborated with the popularbrands like: Macmall, Macy’s, Nike, footlocker home depot and so on to be a mediator between the stores and the audience.


Black Friday is the time when we shop for unlimited products for ourselves as well as to gift our loved ones. Zoutons is here to offer once in a lifetime opportunity to all with its black Friday sale offers from leading stores where you can shop for the best products with humongous discounts and deals. All you need to do is to login to the website and start availing the best offers available.


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