Stop Worrying About Mobile Networks, You Will Be Able To Call Landline Via Broadband Soon

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| May 2 , 2018 , 18:06 IST

More often than not, people get stuck with bad networks in the times of urgency and are left cursing at the Telecommunication companies for their poor service. Well, the issue will soon be of zero relevance as the users will be able to make calls via Wi-Fi broadband.

The government on Tuesday approved the proposal recommended by the telecom regulator TRAI in October of internet telephony in India which will allow mobile phone users the facility to make calls using home or office Wi-Fi through a broadband connection.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has proposed the plan with the aim of giving new connectivity options to consumers plagued by call drops. In order to utilise the service, the user has to be connected with Telecom operators with a telephony licence.

The Telecom Operators and other companies have to obtain a telephony licence before offering users the services via a new mobile number that might not require a SIM. The service, however, can be activated by downloading an internet telephony app.

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The app will provide the user with a ten digit number similar to a regular telephone number. Companies such as Reliance Jio, BSNL, Airtel including other operators will soon enable the service on their respective networks for benefitting their customers.

Talking to the Times of India, TRAI advisor Arvind Kumar said, "This will give more options to consumers, especially in areas where quality of service is an issue. These include places such as buildings and even homes where conventional telecom signals are weak while wi-fi availability is strong."

Pitching the idea of internet calling as a cost-effective alternative of voice calls, TRAI has claimed, "This will increase the call success rate, particularly in poor coverage areas where public internet may be available but signal of a particular telecom company is not available."

In case the users are downloading telephony apps from their own telecom operators, they can make use of the same number as the one linked to their SIM card. The government is aiming at addressing the issue of poor network connectivity and frequent call drops in India through the step.