Yamaha Launches Cygnus Alpha With Disc Brake

| } June 15 , 2016 , 15:38 IST
yamaha-cygnus-ray-zr-rear_827x510_51461227853Two-wheeler major India Yamaha Motor recently launched a disc brake variant of its scooter, Cygnus Alpha, priced at Rs. 52,556 (ex-showroom Delhi). “The scooter market has witnessed a rapid growth in the last few years and Yamaha has been able to make steady inroads in the segment,” Yamaha Motor India’s Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Roy Kurian said in a statement. The company is looking at reaching a 10 per cent market share by the end of this year and the introduction of the latest variant of Cygnus Alpha is expected to further propel its growth in the segment, he added. “The latest offering with disc brake is aimed at families who are looking for additional safety features,” Mr. Kurian said. For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook  

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