Watch: Rolls-Royce Unveils Driverless Super Car

| } June 17 , 2016 , 15:01 IST
RS2Rolls-Royce has unveiled a driverless super car of the future at a global event held in London. The BMW-owned Rolls-Royce has dubbed its futuristic car, which looks like it could have come straight out of Batman's cave, the Rolls-Royce 103EX. The vehicle is around six metres long, with a canopy roof, covered wheels and a curved body. The front seat of a vehicle has a sofa-style body and it features an AI-powered voice assistant named Eleanor. RS1 Rolls-Royce also released a 360º video of its mad concept car. Check out the video below.     For all the latest news and updates from India and across the globe, follow us on @NewsWorldIN on Twitter and News World India on Facebook