Tata Motors Unveils TAMO Racemo At Geneva Motor Show; Click To Know Its 'Stunning' Features

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| } March 7 , 2017 , 14:26 IST
[caption id="attachment_249302" align="aligncenter" width="700"]TAMO Racemo TAMO Racemo[/caption] Tata Motors on Tuesday unveiled its latest concept sports car Racemo under its sub-brand TAMO at the Geneva International Motor Show. TAMO Racemo unveiled on the very first day one of the Geneva International Motor Show. Here are some key features of TAMO Racemo: TAMO Racemo, a concept sports car that can go from 0 to 100 kmph in under 6 seconds. _01193750-030e-11e7-87c7-5947ba54d240 The TAMO Racemo is a low-slung sports car concept which is built on  a patented MOFlex Multi-Material Sandwich (MMS) structure. MOFlex MMS is a platform on which the automaker can design cars across all segments. The company claims that Racemo can generate a maximum power of 190PS @ 6500rpm and 210NM @ 2500rpm. _1aa23b40-030e-11e7-87c7-5947ba54d240 Launching the concept in two variants -- the Racemo and the Racemo Plus, Tata Motors CEO and managing director Guenter Butschek said, “We’re going beyond the borders of India, and here we’re presenting to the future of mobility.” _529ced6a-030e-11e7-87c7-5947ba54d240 At its pavilion at Geneva International Motor Show, Tata Motors also displayed its upcoming Tiago-based compact sedan Tigor, and a compact SUV Nexon. Both the cars were also showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016. tamo-racemo-unveiled_827x510_61488873958 Butschek said Tigor, which it boasts to be India’s first ‘styleback’, will be on the roads of India in 22 days. Tata Motors has developed a driver assistance interface for the TAMO concept in partnership with Microsoft, much on the lines of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The TAMO Racemo car will also be available on an interactive gaming platform in Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 3. Tata Motors says the sub-brand TAMO is an open platform for innovators to develop “transportation for the future”. It is a separated vertical, which will initially operate on a low volume, low investment model for fast-tracked development of technologies and concepts.