Samsung Vice Chairman Lee Jae-Yong Sentenced To 5-Years-Prison In Bribery Case

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| August 25 , 2017 , 13:11 IST

In a heavy blow for the South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co, their Vice President Lee Jae-Yong on Friday was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison in a bribery case.

A three-judge panel of Seoul Central District Court on Friday found the company's vice president, who has been in detention since February, guilty of bribery, perjury and embezzlement.

However, the 49-year old businessman had been proclaiming his innocence throughout the trial.

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While the prosecutor had sought a 12 year prison time, the court only sentenced him to five years.

The verdict has shed darkness over Lee's place in the multinational conglomerate that is Samsung. Lee's grandfather Lee Kun-hee, who founded the company almost 80 years ago, was also convicted of embezzling money and evading taxes.


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