All You Need To Know About ATM Hack That Led 32 Lakh Debit Cards Affected

| } October 20 , 2016 , 15:03 IST
[caption id="attachment_232566" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Representational image of ATM machine. Representational image of ATM machine.[/caption] As a pre-emptive step some of the major Indian Banks blocked 32 Lakh debit cards, as a suspected beach of data security a city-based private sector lender a few months back. The steps taken by the bankers include asking customers to change the PINs of their ATM-cum-debit cards, which has now gone up one level to changing cards as well, if the customers do not comply. Ahead of the viruses that sneaked into ATM machines, 32 lakh ATM cards of customers were affected. Know here, how it all started According to a report, Banks witnessed multiple complaints from customers regarding unauthorised usage of cards in China at various ATMs and point of sale terminals. It reportedly took around six weeks to acknowledge the reason behind the fraudulent transactions that took place in during that period. In this row about 32 lakh customers' cards are suspected to have been compromised.   Origination of breach In the systems of Hitachi Payment Services, a malware was reportedly found, says ET reports. That malware reportedly enabled fraudsters to steal information which allowed them to steal the funds with ease. List of banks which affected the most HDFC YES bank State Bank of India ICICI Axis Bank What preventive measures are taken in response so far Customers have been asked to change the PINs of their ATM-cum-debit cards. In case, if any customer don not comply with changing their pin, banks are also providing them new debit cards. HDFC Bank has advised its customers to use only the banks ATMs for now. Apart from asking customers to change their PIN numbers, SBI is reissuing 600,000 debit cards, reports Times Of India. SBI has also taken an initiative to issue chip-based debits cards, which are more safer and cannot be compromised.