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IndiGo Cancels 84 Flights After Engine Issues Ground 13 Planes

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| August 18 , 2017 , 15:06 IST

The biggest airline of India, IndiGo, and its fliers, suffered a setback when the airline was forced to ground 13 of its planes due to engine issues with its Airbus Neo aircrafts, resulting in 84 flights being canceled.

Since IndiGo flies four in every 10 passengers, the fliers also faced with difficulty after the cancellation of the large number of flights. Apart from IndiGo, its rival GoAir has also been facing delays in receiving planes from Airbus due to the ongoing issues with the engines that had been developed by Pratt and Whitney.

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Indigo had revealed earlier this month that it had received compensation from Pratt and Whitney as the manufacturer struggled to fix the errors in engines that powered the new Airbus A320 Neo Jets. However, airline officials said that they could not comment on the amount paid to them as compensation and expressed concern that the engine issues may take more than a year to fix.

"We continue to have a higher number of engine removals, and sufficient spare engines have not been available," IndiGo President Aditya Ghosh had said at the time.

"The operational disruptions are quite challenging, and we are not happy with that situation," he said.

IndiGo had ordered 430 of the A320 Neo jets, out of which 22 have been delivered, according to news agency Bloomberg.

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