Executive Chairman Of Mahindra Group Wants To Keep This Auto Rickshaw In His Museum, Know Why

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| } May 4 , 2017 , 13:20 IST
Capture Have you noticed those cool looking super modified auto-rickshaws? The neon lights, the speakers, the leather seats, i bet some of you must have sat in a auto that was super modified. This guy from Kerala who is just another auto driver took car-body modification to a whole new level. He modified his auto into a model of 'Mahindra Scorpio' Car. Thanks to socially active people of this time, the auto driver got a generous gift for such creativity too! A person saw this auto and posted a picture of it on Twitter , he also tagged Anand Mahindra, the Executive Chairman of Mahindra group. Check out his tweet below: This tweet took Anand Mahindra by surprise and he offered to keep the modified rickshaw in the museum and replace it with a brand new four-wheeler vehicle. With some help they were able to track down Sunil, the driver of the auto. He gifted him a brand new four wheeler car and took the auto that was modified into a 'Scorpio car' for their museum, all thanks to twitterati. See the post by Anand Mahindra below:

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