Debt-Laden Jet Airways Fires 16 More Employees To Reduce Cost

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| November 27 , 2018 , 13:51 IST

In order to reduce cost, Debt-Laden Jet Airways handed over Pink Slips to around 16 more employees, media reported on Monday. These employees were working as ground staff in Jet Airway’s Kochi and Hyderabad offices.

Last month, the airline had laid off 20 employees including some senior-level executives. The airline had also asked 15 managerial level employees from various departments including engineering, security, and sales, to leave the company.

The airline which has a fleet of 124 planes, has around 16,000 workforces.

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“The airline continues to layoff people from various departments in small groups. It has already shut its city office in Hyderabad, which had 4-5 employees. Last week, the airline asked some of its employees working in Kochi office to quit. Together, it has retrenched another 16 people from these two offices,” the source said.

When Jet Airways was asked about reducing its workforce, it said the company is optimizing its resources in select cities as part of the turnaround plan.

A Jet Airways spokesperson was quoted by PTI as saying, “Jet Airways has undertaken a series of initiatives to enhance the economic performance, efficiency and productivity for the long-term health of its business.”

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