Big Relief For Pharma Companies: Delhi High Court Stays Ban On Vicks, D Cold

| } December 1 , 2016 , 16:03 IST

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In a major relief to over 300 pharmaceutical companies and a big blow to the Centre in India, the Delhi High Court on Thursday quashed the government notification of March 2016 under which 344 fixed-dose combination (FDC) medicines, including well-known brands like Corex cough syrup, Vicks Action 500 extra and D’Cold were banned.

The Delhi High Court was hearing the cases filed by various pharmaceutical companies after the central government decided to ban 344 Fixed Dose Combinations earlier this year. The verdict was given by Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw.

Companies like Pfizer, Glenmark, Procter and Gamble, Reckitt Benckiser, Cipla and others had moved the court against the government decision. The court had granted stay on the notification. The move covered fixed-dose combination drugs, which are cocktails of medicines that are used worldwide to improve patients' compliance in complicated courses of treatment, especially for conditions such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. The government announced the ban in March saying extensive deliberations with scientific experts had found the medicines lacked therapeutic efficacy.

The reversal of the ban now means companies can continue to sell these drugs.

Big Relief For Pharma Companies: Delhi High Court Stays Ban On Vicks, D Cold – News World India | Cyber's top

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