Amazon Does Not Guarantee Original Products, Know Why?

| } October 26 , 2016 , 12:58 IST
[caption id="attachment_233246" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Amazon Does Not Guarantee Original Products, Know Why? Amazon Does Not Guarantee Original Products, Know Why?[/caption] Apple recently discovered that 90 percent of products marked as 'Apple' on Amazon were actually fakes posing a severe risk of malfunctions. As one of the most trusted and reliable online retail websites, the news of Amazon selling fake products no doubt shook the confidences of many. On the behalf of the public, News World India spoke to Amazon seeking answers, however disappointingly Amazon shook off any blame. ALSO READ: Buying From Amazon ? BEWARE ! [VIDEO INSIDE] Amazon claims that sellers are "mandated" to sell only genuine and original products and sign an undertaking to that effect, however IF and only if it is brought to their notice that the products are fake they bring the concerned products off the website. "If it is brought to our notice that sellers are using our marketplace platform to sell fake or counterfeit products, we work with the sellers to bring such products down from our website," an Amazon representative told News World India. ALSO READ: Apple Accessories on Amazon, Are You Buying A Fake? Buying online is becoming increasingly popular, and consumers rely on the integrity of the platform to provide them with original products. Despite having an established name, the carefree attitude of established platforms is troubling for consumers. Apple took pro-active action to verify the genuineness of its products on Amazon and found 90 percent to be fake, but since Amazon does not verify its own products, how can we know how many other are fakes?

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