Air India To Celebrate Women's Day With All Women Crew In International & Domestic Flights

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| March 7 , 2019 , 20:17 IST

Indian Aviation giant, Air India to announces to run 12 international flights as well as 40-plus domestic flights with an all-women crew on International Women's Day, the airline said on Thursday.

The non-stop flight from Delhi to San Francisco travelled via the Pacific Ocean and returned via the Atlantic Ocean completing a round trip of the world."

These include direct flights from Delhi to SFO, New York, Chicago, Washington, Sydney-based, Rome, London, Paris and from Mumbai to New York, Newark, London and Shanghai.

AI said in a statement "Seldom has a single airline scheduled so many flights - operated by its women employees - setting a benchmark to reiterate the equal role and opportunity women rightly deserve in any organisation."

AI chairman Ashwani Lohan's said: "Every individual and the society must respect women. It is a moment of absolute pride and honour for Air Indians that our women employees are leaving their mark in the aviation sector on a global scale."

'I would like to congratulate our women crew for operating so many flights on various international and domestic routes fuelled by their indomitable Nari shakti,” he added.

AI will operate 40 such domestic flights. Air India will be deploying its B787 Dreamliners and B777s to operate to 12 international medium and long-haul flights operated by women pilots and attended by women cabin crew to celebrate the Women’s Day.

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For most of these flights, the technical services will be provided by woman aircraft engineers, technicians, flight dispatchers, duty managers, counter staff, helpers and doctors.

Air India’s foray into all-woman crew flights dates back to November 1985 when an all-woman cockpit crew operated a Fokker Friendship flight from Kolkata to Silchar.