Check Out Top 10 Less Known Facts About Honda Civic

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| February 15 , 2019 , 14:05 IST

Honda Civic is one of the best cars in the line-up of sedans from Honda. However, there are a few facts you might not know about the Civic and what it means to Honda. Here are the top 10 less known facts about Honda Civic.


  1. Civic saved the company

In 1960, Honda had started its journey as a motorcycle manufacturer which used to have a decent amount of sales. Later on, it went ahead to manufacture cars on the west coast. As and when the units sold, the company planned on expanding the sale to the outside of Japan. However, it was not successful. Honda was planning to leave the market and then, Civic was introduced.


  1. It was the first developed car

After Honda Civic saved the company, Honda continued its success with the N600. Honda also manufactured the car in a better way, with improved techniques, thus helping it be much more successful. The car was then launched as a 3-door and a 5-door station wagon which started to gain good popularity.


  1. Sudden demand surge

When the oil crisis hit, most of the cars were recalled due to the poor emission of the gases. Honda Civic came out as a rescue for the people who needed the car to commute. The grade at which it emitted fuel, was too good to be true.


  1. Honda created a rivalry with General Motors

When the new emissions law came out, the cars produced by Honda, especially Civic had a good hold on the market whatsoever. This made General Motors launch Chevrolet Impala to compete with Honda. However, when the emission reports came out, Honda was still the superior model.


  1. A sports car icon

The car is not marketed as a sports car, but it is still admired by the sports cars enthusiasts and consider it as a sports car icon in the market. The third generation of Civic came with an engine rated at 91-horsepower and as a 3-door hatch.


  1. Honda VTEC

The VTEC engines were pioneered by Honda and were made in such a way that they increase the fuel efficiency incredibly. Moreover, as the generations progressed, the VTEC engine was also modified to give an impressive performance. The engine progressed to become a 1.6L delivering 150 horsepower. VTEC engine is still being used with a variant of iVTEC which is the smarter version for better efficiency but lower power. Currently, there are different engines that do duty on the Civic, a 2.0-liter naturally aspirated motor, a 1.5-liter turbocharged one, and a range-topping 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.


  1. A lightweight powerhouse

Honda Civic was made with a concept of lightweight and simplicity. It was designed in such a way that it is light in weight and free-revving along with mechanical simplicity. The car is the easiest to tune and thus, the tweaking community has considered Civic as the first choice. The car being light in weight gave easy and faster acceleration than the other cars in the same segment.


  1. The variety on the floor

Honda launched three different body styles for three different continents. It had a different design for North America, Asia, and Europe. Russia got the design of Europe. The most famous and the liked exterior body design was the futuristic looking Type-R Hatchback. The car back then was specifically designed for the people who loved the small cars. Internationally, there are two different body styles, sedan, and coupe, and you also have different engine variants, which are differentiated in the Civic, Civic SI, and Civic Type R


  1. The fastest front-wheel drive

The automakers usually test their new performance cars on the infamous track of Nürburgring in Germany. There were a number of cars that were run on the track but amongst all of them, Honda Civic Type R broke all records to become the fastest front-wheel-drive car in the world. This is the track record was set back in 2017, and still remains unbroken to this day.

  1. Honda Civic will soon be launched in India

You probably know about this, especially if you follow auto news. Honda Civic has now been spied twice in two different colors, the first time in white and the second in red. This has led to speculation that the 2019 Honda Civic is almost production ready, but knowing Honda’s track record, the sedan might still be far.

Honda has been notorious in introducing its products a little too late to the game, in an effort to “play it safe”. It has often cost Honda a huge market share, and might probably do so again. A lot of potential buyers have migrated to Toyota Corolla and Skoda Octavia instead, although those who love the brand still wait in anticipation.

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